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Happy Days,

Southeast US is enjoying a cool, lovely spring like those I recall  from my childhood playing in Fernbank Forest…green, lush, with wafting aromas from honeysuckle.  Allergies aside, it’s been inspirational. The result is colorful, affordable jewelry in Vermeil and Sterling (see photos).  But the ongoing oil spill is terrible for our watery friends, and brings a deeper appreciation for gems that grow in saltwater and depend upon the delicate balance.  With our oceans in peril, my new series makes homage to our precious planet Earth incorporating Native Turquoise, Pearls, especially Saltwater Pearls, Red Coral and Petrified Coral.

Gratefully, many of you have been purchasing online or directly from me, and trading in your old gold to create a fresh piece of Green Restyled Jewelry.  Thank you, and keep it coming.  I do ship the same day you place an order for next day delivery, if needed.  Gold is at the highest ever, bouncing beyond 1200/ounce.  This plays havoc on jewelry inventory that I design months ahead, made for prospective buyers at my shows, but it is good for those who are purchasing gold pieces that are already made based on old gold prices. Many of you have gotten some fantastic deals over the past year and a half.

My youngest baby, 17 year old Zoe Irene, just graduated from Paideia High School and received the Service Award.  She volunteered and gave about a thousand hours of her free time to create meals for the Homeless, and to help families living in shelters.  As a very proud Mom my nest is empty.

The best tonic for the vacuum that Zoe leaves will be lazy undirected time to spend in my studio, playing.  I have been raising kids for 32 years, and much of my energy has revolved around the needs of my kids. As an artist, I gaze happily ahead, as a mother, I am weeping. Who knows what my Jewelry will hatch in the months and years to come?

I look forward to seeing some of you at these upcoming shows:

June 5 & 6, Sat & Sun
Table in Front of Mooncake, VA-Highlands Summerfest

July 3-5, Sat-Mon
Fibula Jewelry and Gallery
7 Main Street
Deer Isle, Maine 04627
207.348.5667:  Contact Laura Givertz

Shows in Seattle, Washington and Juneau Alaska, early October dates TBA

Sending healing vibrations,

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