Valentines Day Minoan Bulls Eye Earrings

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I met Kay Betts and John Sibley at a book club 15 years ago and we had lost touch until, two months ago, John emailed me about diamond earrings for Kay. What ensued was a delightful, creative, collaborative effort between the three of us. John explained that Kay wanted a pair of earrings inspired by the art she saw on her trip to Crete. I instantly recognized the image as a detail from the the 1400 BC bull fresco at the ancient ruins Minoan Palace at Knossos, Crete.

My uncle and aunt, George and Evangeline Papageorge traveled to Crete in 1958 and upon their return entertained the family with a dramatic slideshow presentation, describing Cretan girls and boys and their death defying, bull-leaping stunts alongside the photo they took of the famous fresco.  I was seven years old at the time, but the images of the bull dancers left a distinct impression on me. As an adult I have visited the ruins at Knossos twice, cementing the image of this glorious art and culture into my brain.

So, I leapt into action sourcing a brilliant, near perfect 1.43 carat diamond pair, while drawing designs for the eyelashes and emailing them to Kay. The three of us carefully collaborated long distance to arrive at this easy-to-wear-everyday yet arresting stylized design. The earrings we had all labored over finally arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This is what John and Kay had to say:

“Lainey,  you have produced beautiful work.  You turned a shopping trip for diamond studs into one of the most delightful experiences I have had in a long time, right down to the extra delight of the chocolates.  You have gone the extra mile to make this Valentines Day special for Kay and me.  Your charges have been more than fair.  I could not be more grateful.” — John Sibley, Atlanta

Dear Lainey, thank you SO much for EVERYTHING!  Your vision, your skill, your time!  And for including us in such a generous way in the process. You’ve made both of us very happy. What a feast for the eyes, our “bull’s eyes!”  You hit the mark!  I feel as sparkling as they are! With a heart full of gratitude–“ Kay Betts, Atlanta

Hope you hit the bullseye this Valentines Day!


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