Wearable & Sustainable Summer Earrings

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Lightweight Gold Wire Earrings that Celebrate Summer

Tina admired the “butterfly wing” motif earrings I made for her daughter and wanted a larger pair in the same style for herself. She brought in a heavy 18K gold and diamond ring that she no longer wore. We rolled out the gold ring into thin wire to form the wings shapes, reset some diamonds, and preserved special sections of the old settings, repurposing them into swinging and sparkling drops. The remaining gold was melted down and used as a credit toward the labor cost.  This was a simple and sustainable jewelry restyle that didn’t involve purchasing new materials. Tina loves her new earring’s wearability, its zero-footprint sourcing and the history it holds.

Bob and “Poo’s” 50th wedding anniversary was this June and Bob came to me for custom jewelry as he had in previous years. He requested that I make a playful pair of earrings for his beach-loving wife, Poo. “She IS the sunshine,” Bob said when describing her. He asked us to make smiley face sun earrings with emerald eyes, and “happily optimistic arched eyebrows.” In the end we achieved a joyful and lightweight pair of earrings celebrating Poo and 50 years of marriage.

Please contact me for your own special pair of everyday earrings or to upgrade your old jewelry in an eco-friendly way! I’m available for appointments over the phone or in person. Please call (678)-662-6156 or email lp@elainadesigns.com.

Elaina Designs is happy to be celebrating the Summer Solstice with you, our loyal clientele. You are the Sunshine and the Butterfly!



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