Women Celebrating Themselves

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Elaina Designs celebrates Spring and our loyal female clients.

Mark your calendars for a Mother’s Day show coming up the weekend of May 9.  Please call or email Lainey for an appointment to drop by the studio to shop.(678) 662-6156 or lp@elainadesigns.com

Peggy Kavalege modeling jewelry copy

LPBE992 copy 2
Peggy purchased this necklace to go with other pieces she already owned while coping with her beloved husband’s declining health. Wearing the jewelry makes both of them happy. Thank you Peggy, for your shinning grace and beauty in the face of adversity.
tina modeling necklace copy 3 Tina Snead necklace design copy 2
















As Director of Research Communications at Cornell University, Tina works long hours, her days often extending into evening events. She had an idea to make a necklace incorporating her Diamond antique jewelry that had sentiment, but that she seldom wore. She envisioned a chain in a “Y” shape, the symbol of her Astrological Cancer sign. We cut off the unused gold to melt for credit against her cost. Thank you Tina, for a great idea and for treating yourself.

anni & Lainey copy Annie stokes earrings copy 2












As a friend for over 40 years, Anni has a great collection of my work. She loves bright colors and carefully studies the new collections before buying. She was drawn to these earrings because of their spectacular glow and versatility. She can wear them to work as a special-ed teacher and on festive occasions. Thank you for helping Juneau Tlingit families and for giving yourself a special treat every now and then.

Lisa Knichen cuff copy Twyla Barnes w Orion copy 2











Last year when Twyla retired as Superintendent of Clark County Schools in Washington State and received its First Citizen Award, she gave herself the gift of this cuff bracelet with its heart shaped Watermelon Tourmaline. It had been waiting for the right wrist, and when she slipped it on, the elegant fit was perfect. Here she is pictured with my son, Orion Hanson who she loved as a little boy in Skagway, Alaska and where he now makes his home. 

Nancy morris Nancy Morris bracelet copy 2












Nancy married her high school sweetheart, so when she said that she wanted a “Lainey” Orbit Bracelet, Alan hopped into action. Together we selected the gemstones:  Pink, juicy Watermelon Tourmaline, with kinetic spinning Baroque Pearls. Signature bracelet on hand, Nancy celebrates each day as the gift that it is. 

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