Reminder:  INMAN PARK FESTIVAL is this weekend, April 27 & 28th. Our booth will be in the same place: on Euclid Avenue, near the big tent and about 3 booths from the corner of Waverly Way.  Artist Market hours are 11AM-6PM, Saturday & Sunday. MARTA is best but see festival website for parking. Please come, rain or shine!The jewelry we present at our shows does not begin to tell the tale of our talents, but it is a good place to start. Much of our year is consumed with custom orders. We work from a love of this ancient craft, with deep respect for the wishes of our clientele.  Elaina Designs is versatile in our range of style. We understand how jewelry has been crafted since the beginning, and draw from a bevy of fine goldsmiths incorporating old world technique with state of the art technology.

Enjoy a few recently completed custom jewelry designed by Lainey showcasing the talent of our goldsmiths, while remaining within a designated budget.

Andy wanted his engagement ring to be a surprise to Dar, and for it to appear as if it had been made in antiquity. He did not want a Diamond, so I offered him selections of fine Blue Sapphire.  He carefully chose a gorgeous 1.58CT light blue oval Sapphire with white Sapphire accents set in 18KT Yellow Gold.  The setting speaks for itself, and reports are that Dar was awestruck when he popped the question at their favorite Atlanta breakfast spot.  Made by FM Abdulky at Ithaca, NY workshop.
I have known Clark since he was in the half day class with Orion at Paideia, so I teared up when I heard his deep, masculine voice asking me to design an engagement ring for Sam.  There were three problems:  1) He wanted to give her something immediately,  2) Sam wears almost no jewelry, and he had no idea what she wanted, and 3) They both live in Washington, DC so all communication was done via Skype, text and email. We worked quickly because Clark is decisive.  I drop-shipped him a selection of various cuts of large Yellow Sapphire. He chose an outstanding lemon yellow 3.11CT emerald cut Sapphire and surprised her with it (that took care of the immediacy). Online we worked as a team to arrive at this unusual, stunning design incorporating six yellow Sapphire baguettes in Platinum.  Sam may not like a lot of jewelry, but this is one ring she now loves to wear. Made by FM Abdulky at Ithaca, NY workshop.
When Natalie attended a special occasion at the White House in DC, she lamented over not having jewelry spectacular enough to wear to such an event.  She made an appointment with me afterwards, and said, “That will never happen again!  I want you to design something that is not like anything I have ever worn before, but can showcase sentimental diamonds my husband has given me as anniversary gifts over the last 30 years. I want earrings that are not huge or heavy, but that dangle, dazzle & move to make me feel beautiful!” I think we achieved her goals while melting down old gold to balance the cost of labor, new Diamonds & 14KT White Gold.  Made by FM Abdulky at Ithaca, NY workshop.

Cathy has eclectic & bold tastes as a trained Archeologist.  She loves gemstones that display color phenomena set in strong architectural design…and she loves Comets.  She purchased this spectacular Rutilated Quartz from me several years ago and waited for inspiration.  It came when she found a battered industrial element while walking along a railroad bed.  We recreated it in Silver, Palladium & 14KT White Gold. This pin makes a soaring entrance to any occasion.  Made by Aalia and Tim at their home workshops in Atlanta.

Kyra has collected my work for years from the Seattle trunk shows, but this was the first time she asked me to melt down her never-to-be-worn again jewelry to make a pendant.  She is a Neurologist and likes modern, sleek design that is not fussy. I melted her gold, used her old Emeralds & Diamonds and utilized the ancient Yin/Yang design with 14KT Yellow Gold & black Rhodium plated 14KT White Gold.
Made by FM Abdulky at Ithaca, NY workshop.

We hope this inspires you to assess your broken & forgotten jewelry. Bring it to us and together we can make magic. Check out our website calendar for future shows.